A best teacher never shows partiality; teachers give full effort for building best students

In a student life, teachers are very important to build their career and life. Teachers are guiding students on right path to get successive career and life. Our nation’s future is in students’ hands. Teachers are understood this fact and they give their contributions to build a best student. If we look our surroundings, we can see different kinds of family. The family background is molding a child personality or character before entering school. So that children characters are very different from other, and if you are closely observing that you can understand it easily. Teaching career is not effort less and it is reputed and respected job in our society. Teacher should have some qualities and should keep passion, love, and respect, etc on their job. Academic institutions administrations are posting teachers are checking their caliber and abilities based on the subject. Teachers are getting training from academic institutions and this way they will get how to treat or face a student in a class. Molding a student career is not easy and this process is taken more time. Teachers are understood the student’s character and activities through continues observations. A person’s character is molding based on his abilities and behavior, but most of the time students can’t find their skills and positives using their own ways. The fresher will face a lot of struggles on their path, because they have not enough knowledge about how move towards to achieve their goals. Teachers are helping students to find their skill and profession through academic activities. Don’t think teachers are only supported for bright student.

In a classroom we can see different wave length students, some students are very bright and they catch everything faster than other students. Some other students are performing average and remaining students are backward in learning. But don’t judge them basis of academic learning, some students are showing best performance on extracurricular activities and sports and also don’t think academic subject learning is judging point to evaluate a student. Teachers main responsibility is encourage and motivate the backward students. If a teacher success on this task, we can say that teacher is role model for all. The discipline is the first stage of learning. Students should have discipline and punctuality to get their aims. Follow correct when doing academic tasks and submit the task before assigned deadline, also attended the class on time. The second thing is respect. Students must respect the elders, teachers, parents, and everyone. Normally we all said “give respect and take respect”, so you should keep respectful behavior and words. We can’t generate or develop learning skill and other academic skill at one day. To develop these all skill, you should practice every day. Practice is the main thing behind the success, if you are spending your time and effort on it, you can hold these skills in your hand. Teaching style has important role in academic learning. Teachers never follow a hiding style in teachers, because a teacher is as candle. Teachers are spreading the light at dark, so teachers must be open when standing in front of students.

Teachers are not showing any partiality on students. All students are equal to teachers. Students are entering schools with empty hands, after completing your education you will remember about your teacher’s contribution on your life. In our society we can see different kind’s opportunities, but as student you have more doubts and confusions on opportunities. Teachers are giving the solutions and give instructions for remove the problems. Try to find out your skills and improve it. The teachers are also teaching about environments and society. To live this world, we must need a picture about our society and each person has responsibility on society. Teachers are giving introductions on this area when you are studying at school or college. The never try to blame the teachers for your fault, and trust and follow their word. If their blessing with you, you can do best for your family and country. We can hop our nation’s best time period is in your hands.