As like best mark, a best student is also having some other specialties. What are the other specialties of a good student?

Students are the assets of any country so they must be consider more carefully. To become a good citizen it is necessary to have lots of features or specialties rather than best academic marks. Parents, teachers, and our societies are playing an important role to make a perfect student. It is not a simple task to become a perfect or good student within the short time period. We can't say that perfection of the student based on only his academic performance but also the overall performance such as academic marks, character, and behavior towards other people. A good or perfect student is composed with lots of specialties. Some of the important qualities are here:

Good organizer: A best student always is a perfect organizer. He can organize everything in proper time with proper manner without the any external help. A perfect student always follows some time schedule or arranges some time slot for each activity. At the same he can organize a team of people for lots of tasks. As a good organizer he can manage all kinds of organization programs without any effort.

Active participant: A perfect student always is an active participant. He will involve in every activity without any hesitation. Whether it is in class room or outside class room, best students always give his effort to get best result. He always asks questions in class rooms and participates in all the academic related activities. Through this activity, one can clear all the doubt at the time of confusion arises. It is best to clear the doubt at that time. Only an active student ask doubt in class room, so can clear any doubt at spontaneously. This is one of the bet characteristics of the best student.

Hard worker: Perfect students have lots of important characteristics. Hardworking mentality is one of the important features among them. We know that lots of students are there blessed with high knowledge and intelligence, but they are fail to sharpen their intelligence. They never work hard for expose their talent. Teachers never love such kinds of students anyway. Rather than that, instructor love people who work hard without considering the level of their intelligence. Hardworking student can achieve success in his life easily without any trouble. In case of academic life, hardworking student manage everything in proper way and submit their all academic related task on time. We know that students have to manage lots of task simultaneously and it is not a simple task for them. Due to the complexity related to task, many students skip from those activities and it will effect to the performance level of the student also. But a perfect student never skips from these kinds of activity, rather than they will do it by hard work.

Motivator: Every student needs some motivation from others. We know that motivation is one of the best tips to get success easily. A best student always motivates other by giving lots of inspiration messages or by showing their self in front of others. Likewise a self motivated person can attain anything in his life. He can make his dreams as reality by self motivated techniques. So we can consider as self motivation is one of the important feature of the best academic student.

Self esteemed personality: Self confidence is one of the best qualities of a perfect student. If a student is confident in his talent, he can surely achieve success in his life. It is an essential talent that every student must have. Confidence is necessary to hope, plan and dream. If a student suffers due to the lack of self confidence, it will reflect to their entire performance. Self confidence is one of the important factors that must need during both academic as well as personal life for the successful execution of the life.

Good leader: Leadership is one of the best characteristic of a perfect student. It is not an easy task to lead a group of people without any discrimination. It is necessary to lead the entire team to path of success with providing good motivation and inspiration. Success of group activities mainly depends on the ability of the leader to manage them in proper way. A leader should have the courage to manage all the problem of their team members.

Time management: Time management is another important feature of a best student. We know that, now we are living in a busy world and not getting time for doing any activities within the proper time. As students, most of them excuse to submit their assignment papers or any other records or result on time. This is not a characteristic of a perfect student. A perfect student always submits it on or before meeting the deadline. They always try to present in class room on proper time and never say any excuses due to any silly reasons. These all are the important feature of a perfect student.