Who are peoples that have the responsibility on a child, in their academic life?

The students education the role of parents and teachers are large. The parents are the first teacher of the all students. The primary study is starting all students with her parents. The teacher is also very close related to the children. The support of parents and teachers is most important for a student success. The students success is an joint effort of both parents and teachers. The parents involvement in learning is the beginning of all students success. Full support of parents increases the students confidence they leading the students success. Education is the partnership of both parent and teacher, students. The students role is to learn well. The teachers role is to teach well, and the parents role is to support the students for her success. The parents are giving more support to the students by giving advices, motivations, and give more confidence for the children. The parents involvement is more influencing a students academic life. Parents also the helper for the students academic life, like help the students for doing home works, help to writing for the assignments and seminars. The parents involvement contain many benefits for the students academic carrier. That is both the parents and children enjoy the deeper interaction. The parents involvement make the children behavior good and studying the moral values very well, and the children completing the homework easily and perfectly, the students will getting the good marks for her academic exams. That means totally improves the students academic result. Most of the parents give emotional support it also improves the students confidence. The all parents are best advocate for the child.

The teachers are also important for a students life. The basics are learning students at the home. The teacher is the second parent of the student. The teachers are teaching the moral values deeply and giving the most important instructions for the student. The teachers are spending more time with the students. So they are easy to understanding the emotions and feelings about the student. In a weak there are six days spending time with the teacher, so the teacher will understand each student deeply. The main responsibility of the teacher is providing the good opportunity for learning. Both the parents and teachers are playing a important role into the students life. Today most of the parents less time interacting with the child. Such situations the teachers role is large. The teachers are the role model of the student. So the teacher’s behavior, knowledge of the subject, assessment, professionalism, are also more the important. The students are copying the parents and teachers behavior. The main roles of the teachers is, the teachers are the resource provide of the student that is giving instructions about studying, giving books, and other resources for the student. The teachers are the constant role model for their student. The traits of the teachers are; he/she is a good instructor of the students, the teachers giving detailed instruction for the different work. The teachers are also a good guide; the teachers are leading the destination of the student. The teachers are also a good friend of the students; the teachers are giving more freedom for the students and interacting very close. The teachers are also a good adviser; he/she know every students strength and weak points. The teachers are good motivator; that means the teachers are motivating the students works and giving support to achieving the goal. The teachers are good listener; A good teacher always listening to the students. It decreases the gap between student and the teacher. The teachers are the guardian of the student; a good teacher is a good guardian. There are Varity of roles playing the teacher. Teachers are the future builder of all student.